UCB Inspirational (Stoke on Trent)



UCB is the acronym for United Christian Broadcasters. This station, located in Stoke-on-Trent, began its path in a very humble way, but soon achieved the recognition of its work and is presently a reference in the religious segment.

Main Programs

  • Afternoon Line-up With Gareth Cottrell
  • Breakfast With Steve Best
  • Chillout Praise With Becs Millington
  • Drive With Becs Millington
  • Late Night Mix With More Music
  • Morning Mix With Non-stop Music
  • Music News With Steve Best
  • Saturday 5 Till 8 With Gareth Cottrell
  • Saturday Afternoon With Lizzie Crow
  • Saturday Breakfast With Becs Millington
  • Saturday Night With Paul Hammond
  • Saturday Starts With Weekend Music
  • Sunday 5 Till 8 With Becs Millington
  • Sunday Afternoon With Lizzie Crow
  • Sunday Breakfast With Vicky Gibbens
  • Sunday Night Mix With Non-stop Hits
  • Sunday Rocks With Gareth Cottrell
  • Sunday Starts With Weekend Music
  • Sunday Talks With Great Speakers
  • Sunday's Coming With Late-night Tracks
  • Talking Point With Paul Hammond
  • Talking Point With Vicky Gibbens
  • The Evening Mix With Lizzie Crow
  • The Jazz Show With Lizzie Crow
  • The Saturday Show With Sarah Hine
  • The Sunday Show With Gareth Cottrell

Main DJs

  • Steve Best
  • Gareth Cottrell
  • Lizzie Crow
  • Vicky Gibbens
  • Paul Hammond
  • Sarah Hine
  • Becs Millington
  • Helen Price
  • Dave Tanner


UCB Inspirational Radio, ST4 8RY Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
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