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Iain Mitchell @iainmitchell - Up Close & Personal on 1Mix Radio.. (7.12.2022) Check Instagram for Tracklisting..Live
  • Andrew Prylam @andrewprylam - Trance Utopia on 1Mix Radio.. (7.12.2022) Search Facebook for Tracklisting..
  • Ori Uplift @oriuplift - Uplifting Only Episode 504 #UO504 [Replay]
  • OM Project @omproject - Uplifting Trance Journey On 1Mix Radio.. (7.12.2022) Check Facebook for Tracklisting
  • Pablo Sonhar @pablosonhar - Daydreams Episode 296 [Replay]
  • Flux @fluxbpmonline - Flux BPM On The Move With Dimitri (7.12.2022) #tranceradio
  • Andrew PryLam @andrewprylam - Andrew PryLam - TranceUtopia #329 [Replay]
  • Store N Forward @storenforward - Podcast Episode 734 [Replay]
  • DJ Jayel @jaylewis1978 - Redux Sessions EP002 on 1Mix Radio (09.08.2022) [Replay]
  • Pablo Sonhar @pablosonhar - Daydreams Episode 308 [Replay]


1Mix Radio is a British web radio station that plays EDM, House and Trance Music. This channel is dedicated to Trance only and features Bluespark, Claudia Cazacu, and Dan Reitar, to name but a few.


Only the best Trance, House and EDM Music

Main Programs

  • Trance Encounters
  • Trance Evolution
  • Trance Utopia
  • Trance Action
  • Haute Couture
  • Trance Spirit

Main DJs

  • Alex Wright
  • Andrea Mazza
  • Andrew Prylam
  • Bluespark
  • Claudia Cazacu
  • Dan Reitar


United Kingdom
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