Budgie Collective


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Budgie Collective Radio is on air since 2010, featuring the best downbeat, bass and underground music. Its schedule includes Night Shift with TacehT, Deep Space House and After Hours with DJ K7.


Streaming luscious beats, live through the mighty Interweb

Main Programs

  • After Hours with DJ K7
  • Deep Space House
  • eXcession with SystemDisco
  • Feng Shui Faders with Dannyboy
  • Half Wild with Sebastian Wild
  • Night Shift with TacehT
  • Sessions with Edouard Von Shaeke
  • DeepTune with Monsieur Ali
  • Divide by Zero with Square Eyes
  • Dubbish with TeeCee
  • Illogical Study with Boy Broken
  • Not Even with Celcius & Dot.AY
  • Rarcus Time with Marcus Rarcus
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