CGM UKScene Radio


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Assassin - Squidgy IncidentLive
  • Rytone - Transistor Dance.Mp3
  • Little Bitchard - All Your Base (Are Belong To Us)
  • W - r. t. rainbow - rmx
  • LOONIE - comtemplated
  • DREAMZ_PC_ - End Of The Century
  • Kcg - What Am I Doing
  • SONIC - Lightspeed
  • K2 - Re-sub


Located in Wokingham, United Kingdom, this is an internet radio station that features a variety of new and old demoscene tunes created on several different platforms such as Atari, Amiga and Spectrum.


Demoscene Radio 24/7

Main Programs

  • CGM UK Demoscene radio broadcasts a diverse variety of old and new 8 & 16bit "Demoscene" songs created on: PC, Amiga, C64, Atari & Spectrum platforms.


Wokingham , United Kingdom
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