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Harry Lime 11-02-51 - Mexican Hat TrickLive
  • The Black Museum - The Faded Tartan Scarf
  • Sherlock Holmes - The Red Headed League (Complete Mono)
  • Calling All Detectives - Hand Painted Necktie
  • Calling All Cars - Blood Stained Saw
  • Alexander McCall Smith - The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency - S04 - E01 - There Is No Such Thing As Free Food
  • Harry Lime 51-10-26 - Every Frame Has Silver Lining
  • The Black Museum - The Door Key
  • Sherlock Holmes - The Disappearance Of Lady Frances Carfax
  • Calling All Detectives - Dead Man Claiming To Be Alive Really Dead


Crime & Suspense Channel is a web radio that is part of ROK Classic Radio Network. It features Crime Radio Extra, American Classics, British Comedy 2, The Drama Channel and 1940s Radio.

Main Programs

  • American Classics
  • Crime Radio Extra
  • 1940s Radio
  • The Drama Channel
  • British Comedy 2

Main DJs

  • Isihac
  • Tony's
  • Mark Watson
  • Milton Jones
  • Mark Steel


United Kingdom
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