CSNX-9520: Metal Meyhem Radio


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Although part of SoniXcast network, Metal Meyhem Radio is a radio station located in the South Coast, United Kingdom. Its programming includes alternative rock, hard rock and metal from new and established artists.

Main Programs

  • #firstplays With Jayrock
  • Chris Russell New Rock Afternoons
  • Cindy Scott New Rock Mornings
  • Hard Rock Nights
  • Hard, Heavy & Hair With Pariah Burke
  • Jc’s Kick Ass Rock Show
  • Jon Harris Interviews
  • Latest News
  • Let There Be Rock!!
  • Metal Ashes Radio Show
  • Metal Meyhem
  • Midnight’s Metal Grinder With Midnight Furie & Squirrel
  • Not The Punk Rock Show With Jamie
  • Ritual Of The Fourth
  • Steamhouse Rock Nights
  • Terry Dean
  • The Active Rock Chart
  • The Ebm Set
  • The John & Heidi Show
  • The Midnight Hour With Midnight Furie
  • The New Rock Jukebox
  • The Pappa D Show
  • The Promoted Bands Hour
  • The Sound Lab With Jim Garrett
  • Woman Crush Wednesday

Main DJs

  • Jazmyn “Mim” Stevens
  • Pariah Burke
  • Lysette Payne
  • James Mcphillips
  • Gemma Drake
  • Midnight Furie
  • J.C
  • Brian Basher
  • Lauren Angus
  • Squirrel
  • Jayrock
  • Jon Harris
  • Pappa D
  • Elliot Wainberg


South Coast, United Kingdom
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