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FRED FILM RADIO - MandarinLive
  • 2018 VENICE GIORNATE DEGLI AUTORI - Yuan Qing, Director - Three Adventures Of Brooke
  • FRED FILM RADIO - Mandarin
  • 2019 VENICE ORIZZONTI - Pema Tseden, Direcftor - Qiqiu
  • FRED FILM RADIO - Mandarin
  • 2017 MACAO FILM FESTIVAL - Song Yang - Wrath of silence
  • 2018 TORINO FILM FESTIVAL - Jia Zhang ke, Zhao Tao - Ash Is Purest White
  • 2017 KARLOVY VARY FILM FESTIVAL - Jun Geng, Director - Free and easy
  • FRED FILM RADIO - Mandarin
  • 2017 PINGYAO INTERNATIONAL FF - Lai Kuo An, Director - A fish out of water


FRED (which is an acronym for Film Radio Entertainment & Dialogue) is an online radio station that has multiple channels broadcasting in several languages. It focuses mostly on independent cinema.


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32 Wigmore Street , London , W1U 2RP , United Kingdom
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