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2019 PRAGUE EAST DOC PLATFORM - Laurence Boyce, Programmer - Poff shortsLive
  • 2019 LOS ANGELES ITALIAN TV FESTIVAL - Martha De Laurentis, Producer and Panelist - Dino De Laurentiis Company
  • 2020 LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL - Lili Hinston, Artistic Director - Locarno Film Festival
  • 2020 AMERICAN FILM MARKET - Nevina Satta - Sardinia Film Commission
  • 2022 BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL - Dennis Ruh, Director - European Film Market
  • 2020 PHILADELPHIA BLACKSTAR FILM FESTIVAL - Maori Karmae Holmes, Founder, Artistic Director and CEO of BlackStar Film Festival
  • 2021 VENICE FILM FESTIVAL - Biennale College Cinema, A Creative Formula In The Time Of Covid19
  • 2021 TRIESTE FILM FESTIVAL - Nicoletta Romeo, Co-Director - Trieste Film Festival
  • 2019 BERLIN EFM - Matthjis Wouter Knol, Director - European Film Market
  • 2021 VENICE FILM MARKET - Stefania Ippoliti e Cristina Scognamillo - Film Commission Toscana


FRED (acronym for Film Radio Entertainment & Dialogue) is an online radio with several channels broadcasting in various languages. Its programming includes film festivals, independent cinema and other industry related contents.


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32 Wigmore Street , London , W1U 2RP , United Kingdom
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