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FRED - Promo 4Live
  • 2022 VENICE FILM FESTIVAL - Salvatore Mereu, Regista - Bentu
  • 2020 CAGLIARI PROGETTO SKILLELLÈ - Virginia Apicella, Attrice - Nevia
  • 2020 CAGLIARI PROGETTO SKILLELLÈ - Nunzia De Stefano-Regista - Nevia
  • 2019 VENICE FILM FESTIVAL - Tarcisio Agus, Direttore Parco Geominerale Storico Ambientale
  • 2019 CAGLIARI CARTOON DIGITAL - Jean Claudio Vinci, Pittore de Fumetusu e de Librusu
  • 2019 CAGLIARI CARTOON DIGITAL - Emanuelle Mureddu, Pittore
  • 2019 CAGLIARI SKEPTO FILM FESTIVAL - Riccardo Plaisant, Organizzatore - Skepto Film Festival
  • 2019 CAGLIARI SKEPTO FILM FESTIVAL - Silvia Calderoni, Attrice, Performer e Dj
  • 2019 CAGLIARI SKEPTO FILM FESTIVAL - Giulio Tonincelli. Regista - Happy today


Based in the United Kingdom, FRED is a multi-channel web radio that broadcasts in several languages 24 hours a day. Its programming focuses on independent cinema, film festivals and much more.


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32 Wigmore Street , London , W1U 2RP , United Kingdom
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