HSR Hardcore Radio


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Re-Charge - Motherfucker HouseLive
  • Hellfish - Professional Psycho
  • Rotterdam Terror Corps - We're Gonna Blow Your Mind
  • Vitamin - The Point
  • The Original Gabber - AD-DA
  • 14 - Sigma 909 - Party People
  • The Speed Freak - Sonic-Mine EP
  • 03 - E-De-Cologne - Kill 4 Jesus
  • DJ Gizmo & DJ Norman - Now You See Him, Now You Don't (Gizmo's remix)
  • Biochip C. - The Gathering


Broadcasting from London, UK, HSR Hardcore Radio is a radio station that has been on air since 2009. Dedicated to music, it plays a mix of Hardcore, Darkcore, Acid, Terror, Noise and much more.


HSR Hardcore Radio - The HarderSound


London, United Kingdom
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