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Unknown - Masjids are not properly segregated Can we stop our women from going to avoid fitnah Assim al hakeemLive
  • Unknown - Is ALL of Dawah about Tawheed? | Reminders with Sheikh Abu Usamah
  • How to pray on a plane where I cannot stand up or face the qiblah? - Assim al hakeem
  • In Memory of Srebrenica Al - In Memory of Srebrenica: Al-Izz b. Abd al-Salām & Some Wisdoms of the Existence of Evil- Yasir Qadhi
  • Unknown - Is a sin greater if its done while adhan is being called or during Quran recitation assim al hakeem
  • Unknown - Hadith: Wearing pants below ankles without pride or arrogance VS with pride assim al hakeem
  • Unknown - Library Chat #24: Establishing the Khilāfah: Between Theology and Pragmatism | Dr. Yasir Qadhi
  • Unknown - Can I buy equipment that would tell if I have Demons, Jinn in my house? Ghostbusters assim al hakeem
  • Unknown - www IslamicLecturesCentre info
  • Unknown - Palestine and black nationalism | Reminders with Sheikh Abu Usamah


On air since 2012, Islamic Lectures Centre Radio is an Islamic radio that broadcasts from Leicester, United Kingdom. Its programming includes teaching and readings of the Quran, talk shows and much more.


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Leicester , United Kingdom
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