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Tafseer of Soorah al Aadiyaat - Abu Ameenah Bilal PhilipsLive
  • Unknown - Children s rights in Islam Lecturer Bilal Philips
  • Have got savings Hajj or Umrah which takes priority - Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem
  • Unknown - Human race in crisis The Lecturer Dr Bilal Philips
  • Shaykh Abu Usamah At Thahabi - Kitaab At Tawheed 38
  • Unknown - How To Deal With Islam Is In My Heart People
  • Belief in the Last Day - Dr Bilal Philips HD
  • Unknown - My friend offended me deeply What should i do
  • What have you done with the month of Ramadan - Sh Abu Usamah at Thahabi
  • Unknown - Sifuwingchun12 Q A session with Dr Bilal Philips HD


On air since 2012, Islamic Lectures Centre Radio is an Islamic radio that broadcasts from Leicester, United Kingdom. Its programming includes teaching and readings of the Quran, talk shows and much more.


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Leicester , United Kingdom
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