Jive Time Radio


Jive Time Radio is an internet radio that broadcasts worldwide non-stop. Its programming is focused on music from the fifties and combines Doo-wop, Jump Blues, Rockabilly and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Main Programs
  • Blue Suede Connection with Dan Hawthorne & Patricia Garber
  • Luke the Duke‘s Roots Rockin’ Show
  • Whistle Bait Sunday Replay with Shakey T.
  • The Sunday Night Smooth – Story Untold with P.J. Noce
  • Blue Moon Bop with Krazy Kat Daddy
  • Ian Cullen’s Rock ‘n Roll Years
Main DJs
  • Susanne Taggart
  • Ian Cullen
  • Luke The Duke
  • Jumpin’ Johnny B
  • Rockin’ Robbie
  • Jammin’ James Riley
  • Rebel Dean - Ripping You Off
  • Billy Lee Riley - Trouble Bound
  • Johnny Tillotson - Princess Princess
  • The Drifters - Fools Fall In Love
  • Freddie Finger Lee - One Eye Boogie Boy
  • Dave Edmunds - I Knew The Bride
  • The Bobbettes - Mr Lee
United Kingdom
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