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HeadBack (TagTeam)Live
  • Koosavich - SEVEN JUL2022 edit
  • DJ ZEKIE'S SOIREE_4th_June_22
  • HeadBack (TagTeam)
  • DJ ZEKIE'S SOIREE_4th_June_22
  • HeadBack (TagTeam)
  • Elizabeth Flanders - Spirit of the Carib JUN2022 40secs EDIT
  • HeadBack (TagTeam)
  • Mistress So'phine - Secret Rendezvous DEC2022
  • HeadBack (TagTeam)


Lightning FM is a British online radio station that plays Hip Hop, Soul, Reggae, Independent Soul and Soulful House. Its team of DJs includes DIXY, DJ Harvey and DJ Inspector.

Main Programs

  • Breakfast with XP
  • Blazing Reggae And Dance Hall
  • Drive Time With Jamostar
  • More Music
  • Mid Morning Jam
  • Reggae Time

Main DJs

  • DJ XP
  • Ret Hot
  • Jamostar
  • DIXY
  • DJ Harvey
  • DJ Inspector
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