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Marriage and Divorce - Maulana Bilal SBLive
  • Mikhael Mala - Illa Rasoul Allah
  • Maulana Imtoyaz Sidat - English Nasheed
  • Maulana Shabbir Menk - Falsehood & Lies
  • Maulana Shabbir Menk - Abstain from Haram
  • Maulana Fadhlurrehman - Islamic perspective of Jesus a.s. and Mary a.s
  • Gingle - Welcome to MASJID LIVE
  • Maulana Salaah Dhorat - Advice to the youth
  • Maulana Imtiyaz Sidat - Nasheeds
  • Maulana Shabbir Menk - Parents and children


Masjid Live is a web radio station that broadcasts from the United Kingdom. As an Islamic radio, it features live lectures, teachings, Quran readings, preaching and information on different matters.


24 Hours Islamic Radio Station

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