Pumpkin FM Crime Incorporated


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The Lives of Harry Lime - 1951-08-17 03 Clay PigeonLive
  • Sherlock Holmes (Hobbs & Shelly) - 1962-08-07 (04) The Adventure Of The Golden Pince-Nez
  • Elvis Presley - Love Me
  • 33 Half Moon Street (SA) - 1965.11.02 (24) Shannon and the Show Boat
  • Secrets of Scotland Yard - Family Soliciter
  • This Is Your FBI - The Meticulous Mobster
  • Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator - Hay Is For Homicide
  • The Next Hour is Sponsored by Gayle in Arkansas - donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-crisis-appeal
  • The Whistler - Undercurrent
  • The Green Hornet - 521203 Pretenders To The Throne


Pumpkin FM Crime Incorporated is an online radio channel for the enthusiasts of radio suspense and crime shows. It is part of the Pumpkin FM radio network and broadcasts from London.

Main Programs

  • Philip Marlowe
  • The Shadow
  • Box 13
  • 21st Precinct
  • Sam Spade
  • The Avenger
  • Barry Craig
  • Dangerous Assignment


London, United Kingdom
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