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The Key (AU) - [1956] One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars EmbezzledLive
  • Strange Wills - 1946-11-02 (22) Singapore Liz
  • Tony Bennett - Rags To Riches
  • The Mysterious Traveler - 1947-09-07 (119) Vacation from Life
  • Zero Hour - 1974-05-24 (085) Death is the Puppeteer
  • The Next Hour is Sponsored by Gayle in Arkansas - Visit Arkansas - www.arkansas.com
  • Evelyn Knight - A Little Bird Told Me
  • Theater Five - 1965-07-02 ep240 Children of Death
  • Space Patrol - 1953.11.14 Undertheseaofplane.mp
  • Benny Goodman - Symphony


Based in London, Pumpkin FM is a radio network dedicated to the old times of radio. It offers different channels and shows that include music, drama, comedy and much more. Strange radio is the form Sci-Fi and Horror channel.


London , United Kingdom
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