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87.9 FM

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12 - Track 12Live
  • Mohamed Abdu - Sayid al Ghanadeir
  • No Beats Necessary - Sinful Slave
  • Omar Esa - Allahu
  • Shaam - Kulama Nadayt Yahu - Every time I call out to Him
  • Ayisha Abdul Basith - Nabi Un Nabi
  • Castillo - A Place in Paradise
  • Ahmed Bukhatir - Ya Akhi
  • Mesut Kurtis - Assalatu Wassalamu | Vocals Only (No Music) | مسعود كُرتِس
  • Maher Zain - Thank You Allah


This radio station has exclusive programming, dedicated to Ramadan, with teaching from the Qur'an, prayers, Taraweeh, Nasheed, Tafseer, news, and much more. It is on air daily from Leicester, United Kingdom.

Main Programs

  • Rise & Shine With Zed
  • The Nasheed Show
  • Breaking Stereotypes
  • Our Communities, Our Care, Our Hospitals

Main DJs

  • Zed Sheikh
  • Zainab Zaeem-sattar
  • Asiya Parekh


Leicester, United Kingdom
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