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Keith Barrow - Free to Be MeLive
  • Sonia - Can't Forget You (rendell ext mix) - s
  • E.T.Webster - You, Your Eyes, Your Face
  • Station Braake - I'm Makin' Sure
  • Jonathan Jr. - Why Don't You Take My Love
  • The Bob Crewe Generation - Time For You And Me
  • Kasso - Dancing On The Beach (1984) - s
  • Arpeggio (Feat. Quartario) - The Fighter (1985) - s
  • Eddie Horan - Can't Do Without You (1978) - s
  • Lisa Boray - New Attitude (Special Mix) 1985


Rendell Radio is an internet radio station that plays a mix of music genres from the thirties to the eighties, including Reggae, Soul, Boogie, Disco, Rock and Roll, House and Motown.

Main Programs

  • Musicmick's Mixvibez
  • Relax with Rendell
  • DJ Paco's Positive Vibez
  • Dave's Saturday Nite Klub
  • Paul Gray's Soul Stew
  • JJ's Back 2 The 80's
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