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Zuleikha - Spirit LivesLive
  • Singers of the Amsterdam Synagogue/Antoon Krelage/B.W d Jong/Ger van Leeuwen - Al Hanissim
  • Shri Anandi Ma - Shri Rama Stuti
  • Mirabai - This Love
  • Michael Reimann and The Benedictine Monks - Amen II
  • Christian - God be in my Head Asking for guidance by the Temple Church Choir
  • The Mevlevi ensemble of Turkey - Third Selam
  • Robert Shaw: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - Mendelssohn: Elijah - He Watching Over Israel
  • Music From Sufi Way - Sad Olur Ümmet-I Muhammed Geldiginde Ramazan
  • Shri Anandi Ma - Hama Deena


Playing 24 hours and 7 days a week of sacred music for the whole world. This station can be heard through internet, located in United Kingdom. Hazrat Inayat Khan, the founder of The Sufi Order in the West, was given the task by his Sufi teacher to “unite East and West in the harmony of your music” (see Sufi Sage).

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