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Ristar The Shooting Star - Crazy Kings (Boss)Live
  • Valkyria Chronicles - Maximilian
  • Shining Force CROSS - Jingle G
  • Aztec Adventure -The Golden Road to Paradise- (Nazca '88) - Nazca (FM Ver.)
  • Yakuza Karaoke Selection (Ryu Uta: Ryu ga Gotoku KARAOKE BEST SELECTION) - GET TO THE TOP! [Full Spec Edition]
  • Resident Evil 2 (BIOHAZARD 2 Value Plus) - Credit Line Of Whole Staff
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 - PH-OPS
  • Rocket Knight Adventures - Stage 6
  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania (Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball 1&2 Remake) - Monkey Race - Expert
  • 2Spicy - Ultimate power ~ Requested By: Ravsieg


On air since 2006, RadioSEGA is an internet radio station that plays the best SEGA tunes aiming to serve the community of SEGA players spread around the world. Its schedule includes Sega Addicts AM, The Opinion Zone and The Manic Monday Show.


Gaming music radio with a spark!

Main Programs

  • The SonicNews Show
  • The Manic Monday Show
  • RSN Live
  • The Chart Toppin’ Show
  • The Opinion Zone
  • Sega Addicts AM
  • The Hidden Palace
  • The SEGA Lounge
  • SEGA Mixer Drive

Main DJs

  • Rexy
  • KC
  • AndyPandy1991
  • Rainmaker
  • TheSonicShow
  • Ravsieg
  • Skyblaze
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