Voice of Sindh (Harrow)


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Mumtaz Lashari - Gul Ahri Trah Hawa Main UdanLive
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  • Yasir Qazi - آءُ! اچي ملُ، او منٺارَ! (ڀارت ۾ ٺهندڙ سنڌي فلم منجهان چُونڊيل هڪ ڪمياب سنڌِي...
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  • saji Sindh sajdan j laik rahi aa | New best sindhi qomi song 2020 with lyrics
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Located in London, Radio Voice of Sindh has been on air since 2012. Its transmission is made in Sindhi. This radio station gives voice to the people of the Sindhi Nation building a bridge between England and Pakistan.


Radio Voice of Sindh, London,UK
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