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  • Martin Allen
  • Paul Fossett
  • Dave Elmer
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Broadcasting from Lincolnshire, SoulPower Radio is a web radio that plays Jazz and Soul Funk 24/7. Its team of DJs includes Andrew Neal, David Lyn, Bill Griffin, Grant Fisher and Paul Fossett, just to name a few.


100% Jazz Soul & Funk 24/7

Main Programs

  • Shaun Gallagher

Main DJs

  • Bill Griffin
  • Grant Fisher
  • Paul Fossett
  • Kevin Muldoon
  • Andy Beggs
  • Steve Brennan
  • David Lyn
  • Ray New
  • Soul Kandi
  • Steve Laming
  • Steiner Claridge
  • Mark Blee
  • Andrew Neal


Oxfordshire , United Kingdom
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