SSRadio Deep and Soulful



On air since 2005, SSRadio plays the best House music non-stop. Its list of shows is immense, being some of them Citrus Sound Show, Hands On Wax, Jagged Soul and A Journey Through House.


Deep & Soulful

Main Programs

  • A Journey Through House
  • A Touch of Soul
  • Adaptation Music
  • Cerrone
  • Citrus Sound Show
  • Hands On Wax
  • Hard Drive
  • Jagged Soul

Main DJs

  • Tom Vagabondo
  • tonywalker
  • Theo Pap
  • Thomas Lamachia
  • Nacho Vega
  • Nate Brice
  • Blackliquid
  • Blacksoul
  • Adam Vicious
  • Adrian Benedek


United Kingdom
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