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Seek Up - The Yoga Inspiration Show - Every Student Needs a Teacher and Every Teacher Needs a Student - In conversation with Indu Arora, precious memories are shared about meeting her teachers for the first time - Kino MacGregorLive
  • Sport and Lifestyle Biz - SOPHIE BLAKE - Growing up, Dyslexia, into media, life challenges, HEATHER HADLEY - 3rd in the World Champs now to Mazda MX5, SLB SRU - Golf, Horse Racing, Tennis, Boxing… - John Fry
  • Homeopathy Health - Homeopathic remedies for insomnia, cramps and nosebleeds, time for reflection. Guest and master beekeeper Deborah Campbell talks beekeeping and pure honey - Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
  • The Onco’Zine Brief - In this, the 100th episode! - How mismatched unrelated Bone-Marrow Donors may help erase the gap in donor availability and deliver allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation to patient… - Peter Hofland, Ph.D
  • Natural Healing Show - What is cortisol! Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan discusses with author Wibe Wagemans - Catherine Carrigan
  • Alchemy1.01 - Emotional health specialist Vanessa Louise, The Naked Coach, on her naked philosophy of laying your feelings bare, learning to heal, and living a life you love - JJ Stenhouse
  • Guy’s Guy Radio - Dr. Jason Loken has devoted his life to teaching humanity a natural path to wellness. Tune in for his conversation with Robert Manni on Guy's Guy Radio - Robert Manni
  • Saving with Steve - Levelling Up Your Business and Maintaining Work-Life Balance with Tristan Wright - Steve Sexton
  • Business Health and Emotional Wealth - The Easy Way - Levelling Up Your Business and Maintaining Work-Life Balance with Tristan Wright - Paul Rees
  • The Robert Scott Bell Show - Conspiracy Theories And Alternate Facts, Our Cosmic Origin, Other dimensions and multiple universes, Lab-grown Meat, Pushing boosters, Functional medicine, Next Steps 2023… - Robert Scott Bell


Based in London, this is an international online radio station dedicated to health and wellness. The team of UK Health Radio includes Amanda Thomas, Gracie Timms and Atiq Ahmad Bhatti.



Main Programs

  • The Robert Scott Bell Show
  • The Health and Humor Show
  • Surviving Healthcare Today
  • Unlock Your Health
  • Freedom Lifestyle
  • Caregiving SOS

Main DJs

  • Amanda Thomas
  • Gracie Timms
  • Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
  • Brian Player
  • Chris Jerry
  • Chris MacLellan
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