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Zero.Zilch.Zip - Zero.Zilch.ZipLive
  • Natural Healing Show - What is reflexology! Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan interviews reflexologist Evie Fleming - Catherine Carrigan
  • John Legend - All of Me
  • Yes To Life Show - Pushing the Limits - Activist Daniel Stanciu is on a mission to change the experience and outcomes of cancer through innovative thinking and committed action - Robin Daly
  • Alchemy1.01 - Learn how to roll with life’s punches when you find yourself under a cloud with leadership and performance expert Drew Povey, author of When The Clouds Come - JJ Stenhouse
  • UKHR Ident - real “feel good” radio - UKHR Ident - real “feel good” radio
  • The Therapy Suite - Trailer - The Therapy Suite - Trailer
  • Environment and Conservation Show - Author and Permaculture Specialist Aranya speaks about Permaculture and how it can support communities in leading healthier and more sustainable lives - Yara Ghrewati
  • Scalar Light
  • Nutrition for Health, Perfect Weight and Wellbeing - As food supply fears mount, more people are planting vegetable gardens. Lynn Cassells owner of Lynbreck Croft talks nature led approaches to farming and her book… - Dora Walsh


Based in London, this is an international online radio station dedicated to health and wellness. The team of UK Health Radio includes Amanda Thomas, Gracie Timms and Atiq Ahmad Bhatti.



Main Programs

  • The Robert Scott Bell Show
  • The Health and Humor Show
  • Surviving Healthcare Today
  • Unlock Your Health
  • Freedom Lifestyle
  • Caregiving SOS

Main DJs

  • Amanda Thomas
  • Gracie Timms
  • Atiq Ahmad Bhatti
  • Brian Player
  • Chris Jerry
  • Chris MacLellan
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