West Star Radio


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Peace Empire (Original Mix) [1iBM]Live
  • Mega (Extended Mix) [1qiT]
  • The True Light (Original Mix) [1iC0]
  • Feelin' Alive (Bastiaan de Waard Remix) [1qis]
  • C'mon (Original Mix) [1iBS]
  • Circles HQ Mp3Converter net [1qiH]
  • Raven (Original Mix) [1iBH]
  • Vectors (Original Mix) [1iBW]
  • You re The Inspiration Lyrics 320 kbps Mp3Converter net [1qiD]
  • Vice Versa (Extended Mix) [1iBF]


This radio station brings music from a variety of genres and presenters. From love songs and success from the past to the electronic and trance it is on air every day, for 24 hours.

Main Programs

  • D_T_ R Bass Stomp
  • Indie Selection
  • Space Jams Radio
  • DJ Struthmaite
  • West Star Club - Trance Essential
  • Tom Alday
  • The love zone

Main DJs

  • DJ Skoota
  • DJ Darren Hain
  • DJ Struthmate
  • DJ Steil
  • Alec Nico
  • Tony Hall


West Star Music Promotions, 64 Waverley Crescent, Romsley, United kingdom
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